Men: Please remember you are an idiot

There are some men out there that simply don’t get it. They are the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals that have refused to curtsy to the demands of feminism. These men still find some existential comfort in maleness qua maleness and take refuge in their own masculinity.

They are labeled misogynist in the hopes that peer pressure will assuage their insistence on previous normative patterns of masculinity. Hopefully, this will convince them q.e.d. that in order to be male they must accept their status as a useful idiot.

This works for a high number of men, they accept the pejorative label, and begin the arduous process of self-neutering. While this works for some, there are recalcitrant men that resist the misogynist label. The only plausible solution is to remind these men that they are in fact idiots. Take the poor slob in this commercial:



Yes, man you are an idiot. This commercial is Exhibit A, men attempt to clean their kitchens by using a power washer. For those of you who have used a gas-powered power washer please ignore the fact that it’s not running and the cord is not even attached. I wonder if any other Neanderthals (like me) even noticed this?





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Philosopher, Hockey Coach, and unashamed hoarder of blogs. I write whatever interests me at the moment but mostly its hockey, philosophy, and issues surrounding masculinity and manhood.
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